2019 年度分の6月11日呼び出し (日本語 Nihongo)

2019 Call



June 11th: the international day of solidarity with Marius Mason and long-term anarchist prisoners. In the 15 years this tradition has been observed, June 11th has facilitated support and action inspired by imprisoned anarchists — from noise demonstrations outside of jails to letter-writing nights, from fundraisers to arson. Setting aside this day is one way of remembering anarchists who are serving long prison sentences, generating support for them, and inspiring solidarity actions.


Because social struggles phase in and out, this day is a way to make sure that our imprisoned comrades are not forgotten. Our lack of memory is partially a result of the techno-alienation of the larger culture we’re fighting against. But it’s also a product of the dynamics of the anarchist space. People become burnt out and the cycle of forgetting continues.


June 11th is a way of combating that amnesia, of trying to sustain a long-term memory in the anarchist space. Not only does this generate support for anarchists locked in the state’s prisons, it forces us to look back at what came before. Considering what previous generations did can both inspire us with ideas we’ve forgotten, and help us understand how our current practices came to be.


While those of us on the June 11th organizing crew focus on prisoners with long sentences, and sometimes point out how disproportionately long these sentences are based on the justice system’s own sentencing norms, it is not because we are criticizing the government for being unfair. Rather than lobbying for fair sentencing, we seek the total destruction of all prisons: both as physical cages that kidnap people, and as a logic of social control that includes surveillance technologies, parole, and ankle monitors. While we support those who can finagle the state’s own laws to get comrades released as early as possible, we’re committed to those who are still waiting and those for whom this is not possible. We want to push the boundaries of what that commitment means. Our emphasis on long-term sentences is to make sure our comrades continue to receive support as time moves forward.

611日の注目が一番長くなっているのはMarius Mason(マリウス・メーソン)です。マリウスはアナーキストで環境活動家・動物開放活動家であって、現在22年間の刑を服しています。1999年にモンサントのGMO研究を行っていたミシガンステート大学のラボの法華をはじめ13件の財産破壊という犯罪に有罪を認めました。環境・動物開放活動に対してアメリカの政府は強く戦っていた「グリーンスケア」中に2009年に投獄されました。8年間重警備刑務所に投獄されましたが、ずっとサポーターの努力で2017年に普段刑無償に移動されました。また、2019年にCarswell刑務所から家族や友達に違いDanbury刑務所に移動されました。2014年に自分がトランスジェンダーであることを公に発表し、hehimの代名詞を使うようにし、やっと2016年にホルモン治療を始めました。もっと情報を得たい方はサポート方のウェブサイトをご覧ください。

The person who has been the focus of June 11th the longest is Marius Mason. Marius is an anarchist, environmental and animal liberation activist who is currently serving a 22 year prison sentence. He plead guilty to taking part in an arson of a Michigan State University lab conducting GMO research for Monsanto in 1999, as well as twelve other acts of property destruction. Marius was imprisoned in 2009 during the Green Scare, a time when the U.S. federal government was cracking down on earth and animal liberation struggles. He was incarcerated in a high security unit until 2017 when, after constant advocacy by outside supporters, he was moved to general population. Finally, earlier this year Marius was moved from Carswell to Danbury, where he is much closer to many of his friends and family. In 2014, he came out publicly as transgender, using he/him pronouns, and eventually secured access to hormone treatment in 2016. For more information, check out the website his support team maintains.


Prisoner Updates

Sean Swain(ショーン・スェーン)は自分の著作の懲罰として特権を奪われた反応として、ハンガーストライキを始めました。Michael Kimble(マイクル・キンブル)は20186月に理由不明で機動隊に打ちのめされて、重警備刑務所に閉じ込められた8人の1人でして、やっと普段刑務所に戻されました。Jeremy Hammond(ジェレミー・ハーモンド)は事故で警備に突き当たって、その警備に打ちのめされて、数か月も独房監禁に閉じ込められた後、重警備ステータス高くFCIメンフィスに移動されました。刑の長短を1年短くできたはずの大学の授業とカウンセリングプログラムから外されました。

Sean Swain went on hunger strike during the month of September after prison administrators removed some of his privileges in response to his writings. Michael Kimble was one of eight Holman prisoners in June 2018 beaten by the riot squad and thrown in lockup with seemingly no pretext. Eventually he was released back into general population. Jeremy Hammond was attacked by a guard after accidentally bumping into them, put in the solitary confinement for months, and then transferred to FCI Memphis with a higher security status. He has been removed from college courses and a counseling program that would have reduced his sentence by a year.

Eric King(エリック・キング)は20188月に警備の攻撃から自分を守った懲罰として独房監に閉じ込められました。USP McCrearyに移動されて、コミュニケーションとれない状態にさせられています。Joaquín Garcia(ジョークイン・ガシーア)はチレの警備トレーニング場の爆弾行為で13年間の刑となりました。Cleveland 4組のConner Stevens(コナー・スティブンズ)は20194月をもって解放されます。銀行強盗と警察殺人犯罪懲罰で10年前に仲間2人と一緒に投獄されたFreddy Fuentevilla(フレディ・フエンテビラ)は2087月に仮出獄に開放されました。Aachenの銀行強盗で有罪判断されたLisaは独房監に閉じ込められていましたが、今年普段刑務所に戻されました。

Eric King has been placed in solitary confinement after defending himself from a guard’s attack in August 2018. He was transferred to USP McCreary, where his communication has been severely restricted. Joaquín Garcia has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for the bombing of a prisoner guard training facility in Chile. Connor Stevens of the Cleveland 4 will be released from prison in April 2019. Freddy Fuentevilla, who was imprisoned with two comrades 10 years ago for bank robbery and the murder of a cop, was released into parole in July 2018. Lisa, convicted of robbing banks in Aachen, was placed in solitary and then released back into general population earlier this year.


All charges in the J20 case in the USA have been dropped for the remaining defendants. This would not have been possible without all the support and coordination work done behind the scenes by defendants and their supporters.

アナキストの抑圧はまだまだ続きます。時にロシアとイタリアがひどいです。偽体制の“Network”のメンバーとなっていることだけでロシアのアナキストは拷問・逮捕されています。イタリアではアナキストを抑圧するためにScintillaRenataPanicoScripta Manentというオペレーションをじはじめいろんな活動をしています。

Repression of anarchists continues especially in Russia and Italy. Russian anarchists are being tortured and arrested for membership in a fake organization called “The Network.” In Italy, the state is conducting multiple operations to clamp down on anarchists, including the ongoing Operations Scintilla, Renata, Panico, and Scripta Manent.

本記事に乗っている情報もアナキスト囚人をサポートしようとしている方々の活躍がなければわからないものです。アナキスト囚人をサポートしようとしているAnarchist Black CrossGreek Imprisoned Fighters Fundなどのサポートグループなどのみなへ感謝します。

Most of this information would never have gotten out if it wasn’t for folks doing support work for anarchist prisoners. Thanks to all the support crews out there, the Anarchist Black Cross, Greek Imprisoned Fighters Fund, and everyone taking initiative to support imprisoned anarchists.


June 11th, 2019



We are calling on anarchists around the world to take initiative in whatever way speaks to one’s own heart. In the past, we have seen solidarity attacks, noise demonstrations, graffiti, letter writing nights, dance parties, fundraisers, and much more.

In the coming months, we will be posting additional content to build up towards June 11, 2019. As always, we welcome posters, art, fliers, prisoner statements, report-backs, communiques, and anything else. Check out june11.org for more information.