Java (Indonesia): Attacks by Unit Nemesis

From Anarchist News

Received via email

We claim that the ATM sabotage action in the early hours of June 11 in Solo, Central Java and the vandalism in Sidoarjo, East Java were the individual actions of our conspirators.

“We see their problem as lack of ambition. – Aragorn!”

At times like this we are haunted by the values ​​and products of the techno-industrial civilization that dominates us and even penetrates the joints of our lives, we carry out our daily activities which are definitely determined by civilized morality, even in anarchist social circles that still exist. until now still glorifying these values, from this opportunity we draw a dividing line between those who are conformists and those who only rant but never spit those words out because they don’t need to be on our part!

“Anarchy does not mean to agree. – CCF”

With a fiery night we carried out the attack in solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners everywhere, in particular Alfredo Cospito who is currently undergoing prison isolation and termination of correspondence, while simultaneously preserving the memory of our dear friend who has been arrested and is currently languishing for a very long time. behind bars. The defiant desires of those in prison (such as the practice of hunger strikes) inspire us and propelling us further towards the explosion of endless insurrection in every gap of the momentum to attack, in our opinion they are steadfast friends, even though they are very depressed by the chain of domination of the prisons of the techno-industrial society and state institutions.

We have seen various forms of solidarity from several regions in Indonesia, as well as internationally. For this we not only want stay silent and let our comrades walk alone on their path of rebellion, just like those who are inside, we still refuse to bend our knees and even bow our heads before Leviathan’s Economic Tyrannical Authority!

Economics is only the beginning of our commonality, but the economy is not a choice we consciously choose, it is a condition that” forced upon us. We hereby do not agree to solve the problem by creating a re analysis about good economy! At best, the economy must be destroyed, it is a product from the social-elite who wants to take us to the desert of misery, destroying the wild as a resource to regulate our lives which also keeps us from free life and the last one accumulates as its power!

This attack is neither an end nor an answer but it is a question and introduction to our exploration of life that leads us to anarchy not the utopia (post-revolution) that is always told by us. those who do nothing, at the same time we write, we exchange information with our colleagues, we share roles by working together in our informal cells of anarchy, we reject a division because it is a replica of the idea marxists and western civilization that lead to authoritarian relations!

For the Wild!
Always Anarchy!
Embrace Iconoclasm!
Freedom for our comrades who are in prison! Long live Conspiracy of
Cells of Fire/FAI-IRF!

• Unit Nemesis part of FAI-IRF