Cincinnati, OH (USA): Talks, tabling & letters

Cincinnati had a bit of talks and discussion at our infoshop, then tabled art/zines/etc. at a weekly hiphop open mic, while writing a few letters, and sent money to Marius soon after. Pretty humble this year, but happy that Cincy will not be skipping June 11th any year, especially as long as Marius is locked up.

Chicago, IL (USA): Solidarity event & letter writing

In chicago people gathered in our autonomous social center and listened to a statement that Cedar (anarchist currently on house arrest in Hamilton, ON) pre-recorded especially for this event, had conversations about pushing past the logic of innocence in our support and solidarity practices, and wrote letters to the prisoners being punished for the Vaughn uprising.

Call for Reportbacks!

It’s been a few weeks since June 11th and we are looking towards compiling a report-back about all the events and actions that happened around the world this year. If you have already emailed us to tell us about what happened in your part of the world, thanks! But if not then we would love to hear from you within the next couple of weeks. We want to know about what creative ideas you brought forth into the world! If you had an event, how many people showed up? What kind of connections were made, and if any money was raised for our friends? If there was an action of some sort, what beautiful gestures transpired?

We plan on putting out our compilation out in a couple of weeks, so please contact us at june11th (@) riseup (dot) net with your stories!

(Please take whatever security measures that you deem necessary if you choose to contact us!)

-The J11 crew

Omaha, NE (USA): Wheatpasting, banner drop, tabling

We’ve been wheat-pasting around town this month leading up the day of solidarity with long term anarchist prisoners. On the 11th we dropped banners for the morning and evening rush hours, “Support Marius Mason & Prisoners” and “For a world w/o Prisons”. The next night we reached out to Days N Daze a touring folk-punk band and distro’ed their show. Passed out lots envelopes, stamps and June 11th prisoner statements to a bunch of interested folks who had never written a prisoner and were excited to start! To Eric King, Marius Mason and all those behind bars, solidarity and love from the he(a)rtland.

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Olympia, WA (USA): Benefit show & letter writing

We had a few bands play at a new event/community space that is being run by a small collective in town. It was the first event at this space, and was successful at over 60 people raising just over $360! We had a ton of pamphlets/info tables, letter writing, and a few bands played including a comrade who led a radical sing-along for a few tunes.

Narrm/Melbourne (Australia): Banner drop for anarchist prisoners

From ABC Melbourne

A banner was dropped on a windy day in narrm / Melbourne. So called Australia. Over the busy westgate freeway on June 14 to show solidarity with long term anarchist prisoners . June 11 is the official date but it’s never too late to show solidarity , we recognize that the land we stand on is wurunjeri land And recognize elders past present in upcoming this land was stolen by colonizers .( written on that banner is free all long term anarchist prisoners and also written are names of some but not all anarchist prisoners Marius mason ,jock palfreeman , Thomas Meyer falk

June 11th statement from Happi

From the Earth First! Newswire

Happi June 11th to those in the struggle! This is Happi here and I am so grateful to be free from Morton KKKounty’s corruptive imperialistic grasp! I would like to take this time to not only remember our friends/relatives/homies/comrades but to also take collective action today against the prison industrial complex by bailing those in need out. That is what I choose to do today with the bail that was given to me and returned upon my release, NOT IN CHARITY BUT SOLIDARITY. As an indigenous prison abolitionist I feel all prisoners are political due to the severe imposition of colonial statehood. So do what you can today with a firm stance against those who keep our relatives in the system! Much love to those who can’t stand with us on the outside!

I was incarcerated by Morton KKKounty back in January and falsely charged with trumped up felonies due to my continued involvement organizing in the Standing Rock territory. Morton KKKounty has dropped all felony charges due to “lack of evidence” as well the supposed “victims” who are my relative and friend who refused to testify against me in general, but especially not in a courtroom ruled by fascist white supremacists; these fascist white supremacists are inherently vindictive, and also continuously harass and harm Water Protectors still going to court for their support in the NO DAPL struggle, and those who generally continue to exist in their ancestral homelands.

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Portland, OR (USA): Letter writing & noise demo

From It’s Going Down

On June 11th, some anarchists in Portland held a letter writing night at the Social Justice Action Center. While writing letters, we discussed projects like developing new forms of communication for Portland anarchists so that we can better communicate anarchist specific semi-public events off of social media networks. These discussions ranged from ramping up community tabling of literature and propaganda, to periodical print newspapers and wheat pasting, and online and mobile app communication platforms such as rocket chat and slack. After the letter writing event we held a noise demonstration outside of the Juvenile Detention Facility.

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