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2022 Callout [English]
2022 Callout [En Español]
2022 Callout [Français]
2022 Callout [Bahasa Indonesian]
2022 Callout [Deutsch]
2022 Callout [Português]
2022 Callout [Nederlands]
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Toby Shone’s 2022 statement [English/Español]
Toby Shone’s open letter to Dan Baker [English/Español]
Toby Shone’s letter to Juan Sorroche [English/Español]
Sean Swain’s 2022 statement [English/Español]
Jennifer Rose’s 2022 update [English/Español]

June 11, 2022 edition of Fire Ant

The Final Straw Radio: Anti-Repression, Supporting Uprising and Anarchist Prisoners

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General Resources

Against Oblivion poster

Collage poster

Give Flowers poster

June 11 handbills

Free Bill Dunne flyer

Free Eric King flyer

Free Jennifer Gann flyer

Free Jeremy Hammond flyer

Free Marius Mason flyer

Free Michael Kimble flyer

Free Sean Swain flyer

June 11th Leon Czolgosz poster

June 11 poster

June 11 Loon poster

June 11 Woodchuck poster

June 11 sticker design

Sing Me Home: Songs Against Prison

Decide Today June 11th benefit songs

Forest Friends: Get (A) Clue game

Marius June 11th zine [Read][Print]

“Hello Family” Marius Mason support poster

Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito solidarity zine

Against Ecological Devastation June 11th poster

Marius Mason heart poster

Freedom for the Anarchist Fighters poster

Tiger Flyer [Full page] [Handbill]

Support Marius flyer

Revolutionary Solidarity



2021 Callout [Print] [Read]

2021 Callout [English]

2021 Callout [En Español]

2021 Callout [Deutsch]

2021 Callout [Finnish]

2021 Callout [Français]

2021 Callout [Nederlands]

Jennifer Rose’s 2021 update [English/Español]

John Paul Wootton’s 2021 statement [English/Español/Finnish/Deutsch]

Thomas Meyer-Falk’s 2021 statement [English/Español/Deutsch]

Anews Podcast interview on June 11 & anarchist prisoner support

B(A)D News radio featuring the June 11, 2021 statement

The Final Straw Radio: Making Links – June 11th episode

MKE Lit Supply June 11th zine

Civil Liberties Defense Center statement for June 11th

This is America: Mass Action Against Line 3; Sean Swain and June 11th

Twin Trouble June 11th special

Kite Line Radio: Marius Mason & Eric King

Dancing on the Edge of the Abyss



2020 Callout [English]

2020 Callout [Português]

2020 Callout [En Español]

2020 Callout [Finnish]

2020 Callout [Deutsch]

Keith “Malik” Washington’s 2020 statement [English/Español]

Eric King’s 2020 statement [English/Español]

Sean Swain’s 2020 statement [English+audio/Español]

Jennifer Rose’s 2020 update

Marius Mason’s lawyer Moira’s 2020 statement [English/Español]

Jeremy Hammond’s 2020 statement [English+video/Español/Indonesian]

June 11, 2020 mixtape

The Ex-Worker –  June 11th episode

The Final Straw – Marius Mason support & Jeremy Hammond



2019 Callout [English]

2019 Callout [En Español]

2019 Callout [日本語 Nihongo]

2019 Callout [Deutsch]

2019 Callout [Nederlands]

2019 Callout [Romanian]

2019 Callout [Russian]

Marius Mason’s 2019 statement

Sean Swain’s 2019 statement

Kevin Berry’s 2019 statement

Jeremy Hammond’s 2019 statement

Miguel Peralta’s 2019 statement

The Final Straw radio with Michael Kimble, Sean Swain, Eric King support, and Fire Ant’

Kite Line radio with Marius Mason support



2018 Callout [Read][Print]

2018 En Español

2018 Português

2018 Italian

2018 Français

Jennifer Gann’s 2018 statement [English / Español]

Eric King’s 2018 statement [English / Español]

Michael Kimble’s 2018 statement [English / Español]

Miguel Peralta’s 2018 statement [English / Español]

Jeremy Hammond’s 2018 statement [English / Español]

Marius Mason’s 2018 statement [English / Español]

Sean Swain’s 2018 statement [English]

Happi’s 2018 statement

Solidaridad zine

Interview with Panagioti from Fight Toxic Prisons

Interview with Ray Luc Levasseur



2017 reportback [Read][Print]

2017 roundup

2017 Callout [Read][Print]

2017 En Español [Leer][Imprimir]

2017 Português [Leitura][Impressão]

2017 Français [Lire][Imprimer]

2017 Finnish translation

Sean Swain’s 2017 statement

Michael Kimble’s 2017 statement

Eric King’s 2017 statement

Krow’s 2017 statement

June 11th: The History of a Day of Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity

June 11th solidarity video

Interview with Leslie James Pickering

Interview with Cleveland 4 & Nicole and Joseph support

Interview with Josh Harper

Interview with Eric King support

Interview with Grace from Jeremy Hammond support

Interview with Sean Swain

Interview with Daniel McGowan

Interview with Cindy Crabb about Marius Mason



2016 reportback zine [Read][Print]

2016 Callout [Read][Print]

Michael Kimble’s 2016 statement

Christos Tsakalos’s 2016 statement

Thomas Meyer-Falk’s 2016 statement

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI-IRF 2016 statement

Casey Brezik’s 2016 statement

Grigoris Tsironis’s 2016 statement

Jeremy Hammond’s 2016 statement

Nikos Romanos’s 2016 statement

Spiros Christodoulou’s 2016 statement



2015 Reportback

2015 Callout [Color][Black & White]

2015 Dutch Callout

2015 Dutch Zine

2015 Italian Callout

2015 Greek Zine

2015 Greek Callout

Eric McDavid’s 2015 statement

Marius Mason’s 2015 statement






[Note: Most materials prior to 2015 refer to Marius by his state name. We include these merely to archive the history of June 11th. We stand firmly behind Marius and all trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people in their struggles to assert themselves against a world of transphobia, gendered violence, and oppression.]



2014 Callout



2013 reportback

Never Alone art exhibit handbills

Sean Swain’s statement for Never Alone art exhibit

Marcelo Villaroel & Juan Aliste’s 2013 statements



2012 English Callout

2012 French Callout

2012 Greek Callout

2012 Spanish Callout

2012 German Callout



2011 June Callout

2011 poster [Color][Black & white]



M. & Eric fanzine

Eric McDavid zine

Eric McDavid zine 2

M. Mason zine

M. Mason zine 2

June 11th foldover

M. Mason Espanol [Color][Black & white]

M. & Eric Poster

Portada Fanzine palestra M. e Eric

June 11th strategy

June 11th quartersheets [Color][Black & white]

June 11th poster [Half sheet][Full sheet]