June 11th 2019 – Prisoner Letter Template

We are soliciting statements from prisoners for June 11th, and this is the template for the letter we will be sending. Feel free to use it to ask your imprisoned friends and comrades for statements this year, and send them to us at june11th@riseup.net

June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

Each year one of the most beautiful parts of June 11th is transmitting messages from and between anarchist prisoners internationally. Again we invite you to contribute to the conversation. We hope that these words will bring passion, determination, and engagement to June 11th activities around the world. We’ve crafted a few prompts for things we are exploring ourselves and with each other, but of course we welcome whatever is on your mind.

First, how are you? What has been going on with you since last year? Have there been any changes in your situation? What are things you’ve been doing, experiencing, or thinking about?

Second, observations and analyses. How have things changed in the last year or so, both locally and internationally? Specifically about our understandings of prison and state repression, and the tendencies of those of us trying to resist them? How are anarchists doing at prison resistance and prisoner support?

Third, where you find hope (when you do find it)? From where do you draw inspiration, even while being held captive?

Lastly, how do we stay connected to our histories? June 11th is about keeping our history alive and remembering our comrades over the long-term; to outlast the state in their attempt to separate and seclude us. What ways have you found to stay connected to legacies, and struggles, to see ourselves as part of larger trajectory towards freedom?

We eagerly await hearing from you.

Yours in solidarity,
June 11th committee


Estamos solicitando declaraciones a lxs presxs para el 11 de junio, y esta es la plantilla de la carta que enviaremos. Siéntanse libres de usarlo para pedir declaraciones a sus amigxs y compañerxs encarceladxs este año, y envíenoslas a june11th@riseup.net

11 de junio Día Internacional de Solidaridad con Marius Mason y Prisioneros Anarquistas de Larga Condena.

Cada año, una de las partes más hermosas del 11 de junio es el de transmitir mensajes desde y entre lxs presxs anarquistas a nivel internacional. Nuevamente te invitamos a contribuir a la conversación. Esperamos que estas palabras traigan pasión, determinación y compromiso a las actividades del 11 de junio en todo el mundo. Hemos elaborado algunas indicaciones para las cosas que estamos explorando entre nosotrxs y con lxs demás, pero, por supuesto, damos la bienvenida a lo que tengas en mente.

En primer lugar ¿Cómo estas? ¿Qué ha estado pasando contigo desde el año pasado? ¿Ha habido algún cambio en tu situación? ¿Qué cosas has estado haciendo, experimentando o pensando?

Segundo, observaciones y análisis. ¿Cómo han cambiado las cosas en el último año, tanto a nivel local como internacional? Específicamente sobre nuestra comprensión de la represión de la prisión y el estado, y las tendencias de quienes intentamos resistirnos ¿Cómo están llevando lxs anarquistas la prisión, la resistencia y el apoyo de lxs prisionerxs?

Tercero, ¿dónde encuentras la esperanza (cuando la encuentras)? ¿De dónde sacas inspiración, incluso estando cautivo?

Por último, ¿cómo nos mantenemos conectadxs a nuestras historias? El 11 de junio se trata de mantener viva nuestra historia y recordar a nuestrxs compañerxs a largo condena; para superar al Estado en su intento de separarnos y aislarnos. ¿Qué formas has encontrado para mantenerte conectadx con los legados y las luchas para verte a ti mismx como parte de una trayectoria más amplia hacia la libertad?

Esperamos ansiosamente escuchar de ti.

De Ustedes en solidaridad.
Comité del 11 de junio

Call for June 11th, 2019

June 11th: the international day of solidarity with Marius Mason and long-term anarchist prisoners. In the 15 years this tradition has been observed, June 11th has facilitated support and action inspired by imprisoned anarchists — from noise demonstrations outside of jails to letter-writing nights, from fundraisers to arson. Setting aside this day is one way of remembering anarchists who are serving long prison sentences, generating support for them, and inspiring solidarity actions. Continue reading “Call for June 11th, 2019”

Cincinnati, OH (USA): Talks, tabling & letters

Cincinnati had a bit of talks and discussion at our infoshop, then tabled art/zines/etc. at a weekly hiphop open mic, while writing a few letters, and sent money to Marius soon after. Pretty humble this year, but happy that Cincy will not be skipping June 11th any year, especially as long as Marius is locked up.

Chicago, IL (USA): Solidarity event & letter writing

In chicago people gathered in our autonomous social center and listened to a statement that Cedar (anarchist currently on house arrest in Hamilton, ON) pre-recorded especially for this event, had conversations about pushing past the logic of innocence in our support and solidarity practices, and wrote letters to the prisoners being punished for the Vaughn uprising.

Call for Reportbacks!

It’s been a few weeks since June 11th and we are looking towards compiling a report-back about all the events and actions that happened around the world this year. If you have already emailed us to tell us about what happened in your part of the world, thanks! But if not then we would love to hear from you within the next couple of weeks. We want to know about what creative ideas you brought forth into the world! If you had an event, how many people showed up? What kind of connections were made, and if any money was raised for our friends? If there was an action of some sort, what beautiful gestures transpired?

We plan on putting out our compilation out in a couple of weeks, so please contact us at june11th (@) riseup (dot) net with your stories!

(Please take whatever security measures that you deem necessary if you choose to contact us!)

-The J11 crew

Omaha, NE (USA): Wheatpasting, banner drop, tabling

We’ve been wheat-pasting around town this month leading up the day of solidarity with long term anarchist prisoners. On the 11th we dropped banners for the morning and evening rush hours, “Support Marius Mason & Prisoners” and “For a world w/o Prisons”. The next night we reached out to Days N Daze a touring folk-punk band and distro’ed their show. Passed out lots envelopes, stamps and June 11th prisoner statements to a bunch of interested folks who had never written a prisoner and were excited to start! To Eric King, Marius Mason and all those behind bars, solidarity and love from the he(a)rtland.

Continue reading “Omaha, NE (USA): Wheatpasting, banner drop, tabling”

Olympia, WA (USA): Benefit show & letter writing

We had a few bands play at a new event/community space that is being run by a small collective in town. It was the first event at this space, and was successful at over 60 people raising just over $360! We had a ton of pamphlets/info tables, letter writing, and a few bands played including a comrade who led a radical sing-along for a few tunes.

Narrm/Melbourne (Australia): Banner drop for anarchist prisoners

From ABC Melbourne

A banner was dropped on a windy day in narrm / Melbourne. So called Australia. Over the busy westgate freeway on June 14 to show solidarity with long term anarchist prisoners . June 11 is the official date but it’s never too late to show solidarity , we recognize that the land we stand on is wurunjeri land And recognize elders past present in upcoming this land was stolen by colonizers .( written on that banner is free all long term anarchist prisoners and also written are names of some but not all anarchist prisoners Marius mason ,jock palfreeman , Thomas Meyer falk