Cincinnati, Ohio (USA): Film screening & benefit for Marius Mason

Realicicada Guerrilla Cinema! Cicada season is upon us like an old testament wonderland! Let us congregate for this CICADA themed horror movie in 3-D (because of all the cicadas flying around) Cicada paraphernalia encouraged! Bring chairs, blankets, bee-keeper’s masks if necessary…

Friday 11 June 2021 Cincinnati Ohio
* due to police harassment moved to private location!
* write to for invite info!
7pm music + letter writing to Marius Mason (see below)
9pm Locusts The 8th Plague (sci-fi made for TV movie)


FREE to all who love (and/or fear) cicadas!
Donations accepted for political prisoner Marius Mason!
Venmo: realicide
Paypal (gift to fam)

Please invite your friends to this rare celebration, and please read about the cause any donations will be going to:

For the past decade, June 11th has been a day of solidarity and support for long term Anarchist prisoners highlighting Marius Mason, who was arrested here in Cincinnati in 2008 for environmental direct actions carried out in the late 90’s. Marius was sentenced to nearly 22 years prison, the first few in a maximum security Communications Management Unit far away in Texas. Marius’ incredibly harsh punishment for crimes that ran no risk of injuring anyone (property damage only) is considered the epitome of what’s become known as the Green Scare; the US government’s strategy of treating eco-defense as terrorism in order to protect the destructive business practices of large corporations. Fortunately in the years since Marius’ arrest, the realities surrounding this scenario have become much less obscure or avoidable, as the world begins to witness more effects of climate change and to what extremes the ruling class insists on holding us hostage in their suicide mission for profit.

The point of June 11th is to not forget people like Marius are still doing their time. Lengthy prison sentences are the State’s attempt to sever a person from their community and break strong hearts. Maintaining support for prisoners via letter writing and commissary donations, along with keeping their stories in our conversations no matter how many years go by, are direct resistance to the intended dehumanizing effects of the prison system.

This year’s CICADA movie night in Cincinnati will be a benefit for Marius Mason. Patches, zines, and other stuff related to June 11th will be available. We’ll have supplies for letter writing if you want to send him some kind words. Any donations collected will be sent to his support team the following day! If you live elsewhere, check on for activities planned in your area, or make something happen yourself! Big or small it all adds up, in solidarity with incarcerated warriors and in defiance of a State so opposed to Human + Animal + Earth + TOTAL liberation!