June 11, 2018 statement from Michael Kimble

Revolutionary salutations to Marius Mason and all long term anarchist prisoners being held captive by the state, and to all anarchists around the world.

My name is Michael Kimble and I am a long term anarchist prisoner in the state of Alabama. I’ve been imprisoned for thirty-one years and throughout my imprisonment I’ve been engaged in the fight against authority and domination, and the how-to end this miserable existence.

Throughout this fight I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no clear cut way to bring this nightmare to an end and to sustain our movements, and projects except through building relationships involving everyday life. Building relationships builds trust, loyalty, understanding and cohesion. Cohesion is what is going to sustain us, our movements, projects and comrades behind the walls.

We only have to project the principles of anarchism such as mutual aid, cooperation, a healthy dose of hatred for all forms of oppression, domination, authority and capital. Relationships based on a shared vision of struggle, but also accompanying all the above can be subversive. It’s simple, but difficult to practice due to our socialization into what we have now.

We, long term prisoners can do nothing other than fight back and survive. But to survive in a healthy way, we need our movements strong and healthy. And I think that we are on that road. The road to creation cohesion – community.

Shout out to all those around the world who have written to me, sent cards, commissary funds, shoes and most importantly making me part of your lives.

Smash The State!
Fire To The Prisons!
A Luta Continua!
Tuta Shinde Mbili Shaka
(together we can win without doubt)


Saludos revolucionarios a Marius Mason y a todxs lxs prisionerxs anarquistas de larga condena que están cautivos por el Estado y a todxs lxs anarquistas de todo el mundo.

Mi nombre es Michael Kimble y soy un prisionero anarquista de larga condena en el estado de Alabama. He estado encarcelado durante treinta y un años y durante mi encarcelamiento he estado involucrado en la lucha contra la autoridad y la dominación, y en el modo de como poner fin a esta existencia miserable.

A lo largo de esta lucha, he llegado a la conclusión de que no hay una forma clara de poner fin a esta pesadilla y de mantener nuestros movimientos y proyectos, excepto a través de la construcción de relaciones que involucren la vida cotidiana. Construir relaciones genera confianza, lealtad, comprensión y cohesión. La cohesión es lo que nos sostendrá, nuestros movimientos, proyectos y compañerxs detrás de las paredes.

Solo tenemos que proyectar los principios del anarquismo como el apoyo mutuo, la cooperación, una saludable dosis de odio a todas las formas de opresión, dominación, autoridad y capital. Las relaciones basadas en una visión compartida de la lucha, pero que también acompañan a todas las anteriores, pueden ser subversivas. Es simple, pero difícil de practicar debido a nuestra socialización que tenemos ahora.

Nosotrxs, lxs presxs de larga condena no podemos hacer nada más que luchar y sobrevivir. Pero para sobrevivir de manera saludable, necesitamos que nuestros movimientos sean fuertes y saludables. Y creo que estamos en ese camino. El camino hacia la creación de una cohesión – comunidad.

Un agradecimiento a todxs aquellxs alrededor del mundo que me han escrito, enviado tarjetas, fondos para el comisariato, zapatos y lo más importante haciéndome parte de sus vidas.

¡Abajo al Estado!

¡Fuego a las prisiones!

¡La Lucha Continua!

Tuta Shinde Mbili Shaka

(juntos podemos ganar sin duda)



June 11, 2018 statement from Eric King

I’ve got a lot of shit to say. Not right now per se, but in general there is a lot I like to talk about, and a lot I want to get off my chest or vent about. The environment I currently am held in is not conducive to radical or ”liberal” conversation topics. Me lamenting about vegan food options isn’t an interesting topic here in the politically west coast. My tongue is developing callouses I bite it so much around here. You’ve gotta keep yourself cool and out of bullshit, and the best and safest bet for me is often the mute button.

This is why I love my support team, and why I love people who write and support me. They turn my mute button off, they un-muzzle me. I can laugh with the people who back me when a rogue Anarchist helicopter crashes itself to kill all the soldiers on board. I can celebrate Herman’s release, or cry over the loss of more Palestinian life. I can get challenged on my views and ideas, I can be heard and recognized as another human being with ideas and feelings and beliefs. Something that very rarely happens in here. It is one of the biggest blessings I have, being able to share stories, share feelings, and share life with other human beings that can see past these walls.

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Le 11 juin, une journée contre l’oubli: Journée internationale de solidarité avec les prisonnie.ère.s anarchistes longues peine.

Le 11 juin est une journée internationale de solidarité avec Marius Mason et tou.te.s les anarchistes condamné.e.s à de longues peines. Une étincelle dans la nuit fatale créée par la répression d’État. Un jour pour célébrer celles et ceux qui nous ont été volé.e.s. Ce jour-là nous partageons des chansons, des évènements, des actions, pour célébrer nos camarades et nos proches emprisonné.e.s. Les années passées le 11 juin a été une journée d’action internationale, célébrée aussi bien par des piques niques entre ami.e.s, des attaques inspirantes, des levées de fonds, des soirées pour écrire des lettres à des prisonni.èr.es, que d’autres actions plus discrètes, dans le but de garder la flamme vivante.

Pour organiser cette journée, nous nous retrouvons chaque année pour tirer des leçons des années précédentes, et renouveler cet appel à la solidarité. Continue reading “Le 11 juin, une journée contre l’oubli: Journée internationale de solidarité avec les prisonnie.ère.s anarchistes longues peine.”

Bike bloc for Pablo Avendano & June 11th

From Philly Anti-Capitalist

There was a call put out for a bike bloc to go” All Out for Pablo” and go all out we did. In response to our comrade Pablo Avendano being murdered by the gig economy relegating millenials to a precariat class, we set out on this bike bloc armed with bricks and ceramics. A car that was in a bike lane will need a new paint job after it met the force of our anger through a projectile brick. Pablo was murdered even though he was riding in a bike lane, it seems like drivers need to be reminded to stay the fuck out of our way. Pieces of brick were thrown at the windows of yuppie luxury condos, however the windows did not shatter :(. After the ghost bike memorial to Pablo, a fuck the police chant was started and a bank was attacked with bricks, unfortunately again the windows did not shatter. A mercedes benz was attacked with a piece of ceramic. Those scratches are probably costly $$$$, sorry not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. A lock was thrown at the windows of the Law Enforcement Benefits office because fuck every LEO who has ever breathed (except Chris Dorner), unfortunately we missed the tiny windows. Some light barricades were built of tires and wooden police barricades, to stop traffic in commemoration of Pablo. This is a fun and interesting tactic to play with, a bunch of angry cyclists attacking capital and anything that gets in their way, moving swiftly in all black attire. It can also be said that many people who did not participate in the attacks did participate in the barricade building, showing that a few folx demonstrating the possibility of conflictuality can spread to others who may want to express their emotions in a more confrontational manner. Some set backs were our aim and force, it is difficult to throw things effectively and hit targets at a distance from the back of a bike, but this situation was more a test of the waters for this kind of action in broad daylight in Philly. Hopefully more rowdy black clad bike rides happen in Philly for less somber occasions.

We claim these actions with hate in our hearts for the bourgiosie and the cops who protect their dying world, and in commemoration of Pablo. May you rest in power comrade. We also act in solidarity with All prisoners in commemoration of June 11th. Until all prisons are ash we will never stop fighting.

May this dying society tremble at our anger, in it’s destruction may we find joy. Every time their society kills one of us, we will attack them with furious revenge in our hearts and a wild fire in our eyes. Our future is already dead, but in the rubble of modernity may we be able to live in the now.

-N0 0N3

Giornata internazionale di solidarietà con Marius Mason e con tutti i prigionieri anarchici di lunga detenzione

L’11 giugno è una giornata internazionale di solidarietà con Marius Mason e tutti i prigionieri anarchici di lunga detenzione. Una scintilla nella notte eterna della repressione statale. Un giorno dedicato a coloro che ci sono stati sottratti. In questo giorno, condividiamo canzoni, eventi ed azioni per celebrare i nostri amati compagni catturati. Negli anni passati, le celebrazioni dell’ 11 giugno sono state di ampio respiro, a livello internazionale – dalle cene con gli amici a vari attacchi ispiratori; dai benefit e dalle notti di scrittura di lettere ai prigionieri, a tutti gli indicibili e sconosciuti modi in cui possiamo mantenere viva la fiamma.

Nel costruire questo giorno, ogni anno molti di noi si riuniscono per discutere e riflettere sulle lezioni dal passato e per rinnovare questo appello alla solidarietà continua. Quest’anno vi invitiamo ad esplorare e a riflettere con noi su come il supporto dei prigionieri di lunga detenzione dipende direttamente dal sostegno dei movimenti e delle lotte di cui tutti continuiamo a far parte. Come possiamo pretendere di continuare con il supporto attraverso i decenni mentre i movimenti, i gruppi e le persone vanno e vengono, si esauriscono, e si perdono negli estenuanti flussi e riflussi della lotta? Andando in profondità, che cosa possiamo imparare dai prigionieri di lunga detenzione e dai loro insgnamenti di solidarietà?
Come possiamo sostenere e migliorare la salute dei nostri movimenti e contemporaneamente rafforzare questo supporto?

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Interview with Ray Luc Levasseur


In this interview for the June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners, we spoke to Ray Luc Levasseur, former political prisoner and member of the United Freedom Front. We talked with Ray about his history with anti-prison organizing, going underground to wage armed struggle against the state, fighting for parole for political prisoners, solidarity he received while behind bars, supporting aging and ill comrades behind bars, having children while underground, and how to support his imprisoned comrades Tom Manning and Jaan Lamaan.

For more from Ray, check out previous interviews with The Final Straw Radio and Kite Line. To get in touch with Ray about supporting the remaining United Freedom Front prisoners, email him at rayluclev [at] gmail [dot] com. You can write to Tom Manning or Jaan Lamaan at the addresses below, or check out NYC Anarchist Black Cross’s prisoner listing for the most up-to-date addresses.

Jaan Laaman #10372-016
USP McCreary
Post Office Box 3000
Pine Knot, Kentucky 42635

Thomas Manning #10373-016
USP Hazelton
Post Office Box 2000
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia 26525

June 11th: Today we’re speaking with Ray Luc Levasseur. Ray, thanks for joining us. We won’t make you go through your whole biography, as fascinating as it is, because you already have done some really good interviews and pieces that go through all of that. But with that said, would you like to say a few words of introduction?

Ray Luc Levasseur: Greetings to whoever is reading or listening to this at some future time. I don’t want make any assumptions about what people know about me or the United Freedom Front or any of my co-defendants and comrades. I was doing a public speaking engagement at a library the other day and I got asked this question I get asked quite frequently. People want to know how you get from growing up in a small mill town in Maine to being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for underground activities targeting the government and corporate criminals. Like you said, I think you’ve got material about some of my background, but I’ll just touch on a few points that were significant crossroads for me early in life, that proved to be significant life experiences that were the foundation of the political person I became.

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New posters & handbills for June 11th

One of the most important parts of the June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners is that we bring our ideas about solidarity into the world. By keeping our imprisoned comrades’ names on our lips and on our towns’ walls, we strike a small blow against the system of disappearance embodied by the prison system.

Each year, we try to create new posters, zines, handbills, stickers, radio programs, and other media to keep our solidarity alive and vibrant, always striking out in new directions and responding immediately to current circumstances faced by our comrades behind bars. Here’s some of what we’ve put together this year. Be sure to check out these ideas for how to use these materials. And if you have anything additional to contribute, email us at june11th [at] riseup [dot] net.

2018 Call

[PDF for reading][PDF for printing]


[Download as PDF] (11×17)

[Download as PDF] (11×17)

[Download as PDF] (11×17)


[Download as PDF] (8.5×11)

June 11, 2018 statement from Jennifer Gann

Insurgent greetings from behind enemy lines in so-called California (Amerikan occupied Chumash territory)!

First and foremost, a clenched fist salute to my imprisoned anarchist comrades in the U.S. and around the world!

It’s been 28 years since I was first incarcerated in 1990 for armed robbery. So, to give everyone a quick update on my personal history… I first entered the California prison system when it was racially segregated, and quickly became politicized after coming into contact with anarchists and abolitionists during the 1991 Folsom Prison Food Strike, for which I was sent to solitary confinement on “inciting” charges. As a young prison rebel in the early 1990s, I experienced the brutality and torture of solitary confinement first-hand, from beatings to gladiator fights to food deprivation and murders covered up by the corrupt pigs. I was defiant and resisted these inhumane conditions by single-handedly sabotaging and breaking 13 prison cell windows in the Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) at Folsom. In retaliation for the beatings and torture I suffered, I attacked a pig and received 16 years added to my sentence! Subsequently, I was charged with possession of a weapon by a prisoner, battery on a state prosecutor during an attempted escape from the Sacramento courthouse, and assault with a deadly weapon on a prison warden, for which I was given multiple 25-year-to-life sentences. All of these events occurred more than 20 years ago, and I spent more than a decade in Pelican Bay SHU.

Now, in 2018, I have a new appeal under California’s Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012 which was “granted review” and is pending in the California Supreme Court. My attorney, Cheryl Anderson, says she expects me to be given a new hearing to determine if I will receive a sentence reduction and early parole date! The recent parole granted to long-time political prisoner Herman Bell gives me hope!

I’ve also recently filed an Application for Commutation of Sentence to California Governor Jerry Brown. The recent commutations of Chelsea Manning’s sentence and Oscar Lopez Rivera also give me hope for that!

I’m currently being reevaluated for sex-reassignment surgery (SRS) under California guidelines implemented as a result of lawsuits by trans prisoners Michelle Norsworthy and Shiloh Quine, seeking transgender healthcare.

I’m very grateful to my support team comrades for setting up a website and organizing an online legal fundraiser on my behalf to pay a legal consulting fee of $3000 to National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA). I appreciate all of the support and solidarity I’ve received, with special shoutouts and thanks to S—, N—, R—,S—, and I—.

I’m involved directly with Maine Anti Racist Action and Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross in bringing together a new anarchist prisoner initiative to build and strengthen our support networks, communications, and collective struggle. A fund and a paper are in the works to amplify the voices of imprisoned anarchist comrades in the U.S. specifically, and toward the concept of an anarchist prisoner conference in North America. We’ve reached out to Marius Mason, Michael Kimble, Eric King, Sean Swain, and Jeremy Hammond, among others, and I’m hopeful that we have a general consensus of the need for a new combative position toward anarchist insurgency, as expressed by our Greek comrades’ international call for Black December.

With that said, I want to express my heartfelt love and solidarity to our dear compañera Tamara Sol! Keep your head up sister! We want our freedom now and all prisons demolished immediately! ¡A la calle!

Solidarity to Antifascists!
Solidarity to Prison Rebels!

Love and Rage!


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One month ’til June 11th: Some ideas for solidarity [English / Español]

The June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners is quickly approaching.

This year in our call, we focused on questions of sustainability and burnout, asking how we can nurture relationships and projects that can nourish us as we fight for our comrades’ freedom. These are not easy questions and we think that developing any “one solution” is bound to lead to further burn out and disillusionment. We want more than anything for June 11th to be a counter-point to deleterious forms of activism that erode the joy of living and leave us exhausted and hopeless.

It’s easy, when faced with the overwhelming odds of destroying prisons and freeing all prisoners, to lose heart and give up. The beauty of June 11th is that it attempts to take a large problem (that our friends in struggle are locked in the state’s dungeons) and convert it to real, material, and immediate acts of solidarity. Anyone can act for June 11th and contribute to a living coordination of solidarity that has persisted for over a decade. Whether one is alone or in a city with a vibrant anarchist presence, it is possible to look at your local context and formulate plans. (For example, one member of our organizing collective has organized humble actions as a lone anarchist youth, small events in a town with few radicals, and larger celebrations in an anarchist hub.) Contrary to the defeatism that surrounds us, we echo the cries of half a century ago as France burned in revolt, “Anything can happen!

In hopes of stirring up some ideas, let’s explore some possible ways to show solidarity with the longest held anarchist prisoners.

If you have an event planned, or if you want to share news of some act of solidarity, send us an email at june11th [at] riseup [dot] net.


One of the primary concerns that we come up against as anarchists is how to generate the funds necessary to offset the deprivation our comrades in prison are forced into. Obtaining healthy (or vegan) food, buying basic necessities like toothpaste, affording phone calls that help break isolation, purchasing stamps and stationery, and buying books all cost money. With so few people doing consistent support for anarchist prisoners in the US, this requires constant work on top of what is already necessary to create real solidarity with imprisoned comrades.

June 11th offers a focused day in which all those who feel compelled to can organize events to help with these constant material needs. Those who can’t commit to regular correspondence or consistent organizing around a prisoner’s case can host an event to raise funds for them. Each year, June 11th proves essential to maintaining a few of our comrades’ well-being for the rest of the year.

Ideas: music shows, dance parties, dinners, poetry readings, bake sales, movie screenings, performances, karaoke, college speaking gigs, asking for money from someone that has it.

Informational Events

The reality of many anarchist prisoners’ cases is that they are unlikely to garner support from liberals due to the actions they undertook or their uncompromising stance while in prison. This leaves it up to us to generate support among those who see no problem with actively confronting the state, economy, and prison society. With the full weight of state and capitalist media disinformation against us, we must offset this by keeping our comrades’ situations constantly present in our lives, explaining their actions, and offering news of their current conditions.

Informational events allow us to spread news and strike a hammer blow against the isolation fostered by prison and its world.

Ideas: tabling at events, presentations on one (or many) comrades’ situations, flyering on the streets, talking to friends and family about prisoners, pirate radio, microphone demonstrations

Letter Writing

One of prison society’s primary functions is to isolate those held within its walls. Establishing contact with imprisoned comrades is a vital first step in undoing that isolation. Whether this means writing consistently to one person, writing one-off letters, or hosting public letter writing events – every letter, postcard, news article, and photograph sent to an imprisoned comrade is a step toward creating the sort of solidarity we need to tear down the walls once and for all.

Ideas: Writing a letter, printing photos of the world to send to imprisoned comrades, hosting letter writing nights, setting up letter writing tables at events, sending books


Prisoner letter writing tips by NYC ABC

List of long-term anarchist prisoners

Political prisoner book wishlists

Taking it to the streets

It has been said that no one should ever be able to walk down the street without seeing the faces and names of our comrades on every wall. There are many ways of keeping our comrades present in our daily lives and in the world around us. Experiment, stay safe, and have fun!


How to wheatpaste

How to drop a banner

Graffiti guide

Direct Action

The most essential element of revolutionary solidarity is keeping our comrades’ struggles alive and vibrant; to confront, directly, the control imposed upon us by the state and all institutions of control and exploitation. Every June 11th, the outpouring of solidarity-in-action from anarchists internationally shows the many diverse forms that solidarity can take.

Ideas: Work within your context and capacity, in line with your desires, by yourself or with people you trust.


Some acts undertaken in past years

Some helpful texts on doing things and staying safe

More helpful reading

Readings on security

What is Security Culture?

TAILS LiveSystem

Keep it up,
the June 11th crew

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